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    Why Purchase a Property on Spain’s Sunny Costa del Sol?

    Although property on the Costa Blanca is cheaper, sun-seekers still flock to Spain’s Mediterranean coast and its sandy beaches, but they may be surprised at the improvements, especially around Marbella.

    The Costa del Sol is a playground of Mediterranean beaches, where the sun shines year-round, and the shore is lined with hotels, cabanas, yacht harbors, casinos, golf courses and promenades filled with cafes and shops. If it sounds like a riot of over development, some of it is.

    But that’s not to say it doesn’t have its considerable charms. New resort hotels, such as Villa Padierna in Marbella, are elegant, tasteful and built back from the busy shore in well-kept grounds and gardens.

    Villa Padierna’s Tuscan-villa-style building stands amid a rolling green golf course, and the interior is like an art gallery of Roman artefacts and later works of art. The resort represents the “new look” of this part of the Costa del Sol, which is working very hard to reclaim its shoreline from earlier abuses. In fact, it is allowing no new building in many areas, and requiring unsuitable buildings on the shore to be torn down. The plan is to return much of this coast to natural shoreline.

    This new determination to reclaim its character as Andalucía’s window on the Mediterranean redeems Marbella and the coast around it from its previous image as a snowbird package-tour haven. In a few short years it has regained much of its old Spanish charm.

    The town of Marbella has character, a happy maze of narrow stone-paved streets that climb the hillside. In its leafy plazas flowering trees perfume the evening and shade the café tables from the afternoon sun. The weather is spring-like in mid-winter, thanks to the sheltering bulk of the mountains behind it.

    Few real tourist sights tempt visitors away from the cafes and the long, wide stretches of golden sand that separate the town from the sea. Apart from a surprisingly incongruous museum of Bonsai trees, one of the largest collections anywhere and well worth visiting, there are few must-see sights. Just a thoroughly pleasant Spanish town, with appealing weather and great beaches.

    Best Luxury Resort Hotel Marbella Spain Review

    Nearby Puerto Banus, by contrast, is a chichi little port whose low buildings along the harborside are dwarfed by the ostentatious mega-yachts moored side-by-side in its marina. The town is definitely worth visiting, preferably in the evening, when the promenades are filled with people, the shops open and the cafes overflowing.

    Behind this coast are the sierras, mountains that protect the shore and account for the weather’s sunny disposition here. For those who prefer walking to lying in the sun, the tourist office has a useful brochure entitled Malaga Sun Routes and Excursions, which gives directions m maps and brief descriptions of 42 walking and cycling routes through rock formations, medieval villages, wetlands, valleys, gorges and ruins of Moorish castles throughout the province’s varied landscapes.

    With everything from elegant new resort hotels and trendy boutiques to trails to hike through the mountains and villages, the Costa del Sol now appeals to all tastes and budgets.

    Bedroom Paint Colour Ideas that Create a Relaxing Mood

    Bedroom paint colours can create a haven that is relaxing and soothing. Think about it; the bedroom is supposed to be the place in the world where you can shut out all of the rest of the business and noise of life. With these bedroom paint colour ideas, you can easily do just that.

    Blue bedroom paint colours

    Bedroom paint colour ideas that have a blue tone to them are instantly soothing. Now, many people think of “congrats, it’s a boy-blue” when they think of this bedroom paint colour idea, but there are actually much more calm and mature options to choose from. Carouse the paint section at your local home improvement store and give this bedroom paint colour a little more than a passing thought. Shades of this bedroom paint colour that have undertones of green and grey are most likely to be the most relaxing.

    Natural bedroom paint colours

    Natural bedroom paint colours are very hard to “go wrong” with. They are easy paint colour ideas to coordinate, even for very inexperienced interior decorators. Natural bedroom paint colour ideas tend to be those you literally find in nature. Examples are browns, tans, and shades of green and blue. These paint colours for the bedroom are ones that tend to be easily agreed upon by couples because they are very gender neutral, making both your bedroom and the overall painting process more relaxing!

    Neutral bedroom paint colours

    Neutral bedroom paint ideas are also a hard bedroom paint to go wrong with. Neutral paint colours are softer in intensity than most other paints and they do not tend to overwhelm the senses, making for a generally relaxing atmosphere. Neutral bedroom paint colours are typically variations of white, tan, and grey, but you can actually find relaxing neutrals in nearly every colour of the rainbow.

    Shades of Green for bedroom paint colours

    Light or greyed out versions of green paint can make for an excellent combination of both natural and neutral bedroom paint colour schemes. Look for a colour that is not too bright- a little green can go a long way, and if it is too loud of a colour, you will likely not create a room that is very relaxing.

    Whatever bedroom paint colours you choose, always remember to try a paint sample on a small part of the room before you commit to any particular shade!

    For a great selection of paints, see:

    Tips to Sell a Home Fast

    When the time comes to sell your home, everyone hopes for a fast sale. If your house lingers on the market, you may lose the dream home you want to buy or end up paying two mortgages. If you are relocating to another area for a job opportunity, you also may have to leave for your new job while your family stays behind with the house. For a quick sale, make your home appealing to potential buyers without sacrificing too much on your end of the sale. Have a question? Get an answer from a handyman now!

    Hire a Professional

    Hiring a first-rate real estate professional like the guys at a big impact on how quickly your home will sell. Choose a real estate agent with plenty of experience in selling homes similar to yours. Look for a solid track record of residential sales in similar price ranges and neighborhoods. A motivated, professional real estate agent focuses her efforts on educating you about the sales process and marketing your home for a quick sale. Ask friends, family and neighbors for recommendations if you don’t already know a good real estate agent.

    Selling Expectations

    A clear set of expectations for the selling process prepares you for the experience and can speed up the selling process. Work with your real estate agent to set a realistic price for your home. Figure out the amount you need in order to make a profit. Determine the bare minimum you are willing to accept so you know how to approach a buyer’s offer. Keep all of this information handy so you can make quick decisions about offers on your property. Being willing to go lower than the listing price may mean a faster sale.

    Incentives for Buyers

    Incentives make a home more appealing to a buyer, particularly in an area where many similar homes are on the market. Set your home apart from the competition by offering buyers something extra. For example, money toward closing costs appeals to many potential buyers. If the home is older or has some cosmetic issues, offer an allowance toward new carpet, appliances, windows or other items that need updating. Another option is to offer a one-year home warranty or a reimbursement for the home inspection upon acceptance of an offer. These offers won’t cost you a lot but can make the difference for a potential buyer on a tight budget.

    Cleaning and Maintenance

    A clean home that is well-maintained inside and out is more appealing to potential buyers. Thoroughly clean each area of your home before you put it on the market. Toss out clutter which can make the home seem smaller. Neutralize highly personal decor so potential buyers can picture themselves living in your home. If you have a distinct decorating style that might not appeal to everyone, tone down the decor by eliminating some of the decorations. Bold paint colors may scare some buyers. Consider repainting the main rooms in a more neutral beige or gray. Fix any small repairs so your home is move-in ready. For example, make sure all of the light bulbs in a decorative chandelier are in place and working.

    Highlight Features

    Highlight your home’s distinct features to make it stand out in the real estate market. Spruce up the landscaping to emphasize the curb appeal of your home. Focus buyers on particular architectural details inside your home by arranging the furniture to call attention to a special feature.

    X1 The Terrace at the Quarter Discover The Terrace at The Quarter, an exciting new development in the heart of Liverpool city centre. Contact our team for more information on investments.

    How to Create A Patio Sanctuary

    Beyond the Traditional Patio

    For a number of folks, the patio or deck is the place to store the Weber gas grill and some plastic chairs. However, with the price of gas, other travel and expenses, there is a case to be made for maxing out all of one’s living space and kicking back at home. These days even grills come in designer colors to help brighten and add color to a patio living area upgrade. Check out this beautiful example of the Weber Genesis E-320 Propane Gas Grill with colored accent panels on the cabinet doors, sides and the hood.

    How About an Outdoor Kitchen?

    Expanding your quality living space out-of-doors can cover any number of options and opportunities. One great way to add a totally new dimension to the entertainment potential of your patio area, is to add an outdoor kitchen. A fellow Hubber has a great page covering this at Put a Weber Genesis E-320 Natural Gas Grill in Your Patio Kitchen. Check out the video on this Hub of what one family had done to their patio, we’re talking kitchen, dining area and bar. WOW!

    Make Your Patio Living Space Your Own

    As the days warm up when spring moves to summer, being outdoors is on everybody’s mind. Once you have an outdoor kitchen, your family will want to spend a lot more time outside. But why not personalize the space some more? If you have a lot of tools or gardening equipment, consider adding a workshop, barn, or shed to your yard. Growing in popularity are custom steel buildings that can be designed to fit your needs. Whether they are for storing your farm equipment, car collection, or as a get away from the rest of the home (hint: man cave!), building a steel structure as an escape has many possibilities. Check out some of the armstrong steel reviews to see what others have to say about their custom built additions.

    Hang some colorful metal sculpture on the back of the house or fence. Get a fountain or build a koi pond. What you can do to personalize your outdoor space is only limited by your imagination or maybe your pocketbook. Think about it, if your neighbors don’t live too close, there is always the sound system to consider!

    One thing that greatly enhances the potential of your outdoor living and entertainment area on your patio, is lighting in evening and shade from the sun during the day. A super addition to your patio sanctuary is the patio umbrella to provide protection from the sun’s harmful rays and cooling shade. Another enhancement is some soft lighting to allow this wonderful space to be part of your home after dark.

    Just Shade

    If your patio living area already has a lighting system and all you need is an umbrella for shade and sun protection, a classic teak wood umbrella just can’t be beat. The Galtech 11ft Classic Teak Wood Umbrella has all of the features needed to provide full coverage for your entertainment space, plus the classic beauty and durablity of teak wood.

    Installing a Wood Burning Chimney Liner

    Wood-burning chimney liners are an important part of any wood burning insert fireplace system. For more details on fireplaces, see:

    There are few things more calming than the crackle and glow of a fire from a wood burning stove. The only thing that can be a draw back about a wood fireplace is the chances of a chimney fire. Traditional chimneys with clay tile liners are a typical construction of most masonry fireplaces in the world. However, when these liners fail, there are few options. The best option is to install a completely new chimney liner and a wood-burning insert. These inserts are extremely efficient and allow the chimney liner to be ran down the existing chimney without any major modifications, cutting down on overall cost of the project. This project is still involved and needs to be approached in the proper way to be fully affective and safe or the home and its occupants.

    Cleaning the Existing Chimney

    The existing chimney probably has a layer of built up creosote and tar that occurs from burning wood in a fireplace. This needs to be thoroughly cleaned before a liner is installed. Using a chimney sweep, stand at top of the chimney and brush the inside of the chimney. You will get dirty, so wear cloths that you do not care about. Then go to the fireplace itself and clean the firebox out with a scrub brush. Make sure you get into the smoke chamber to knock off all of the creosote to avoid any possible chimney fires. Clean the brick as best as you can and vacuum the remains up with a shop vacuum.

    Installing the Liner

    Wood burning chimney liners for fireplace inserts are made of stainless steel and are flexible. From the roof, drop one end of the stainless steel liner down the chimney. Attach the top of the chimney liner to the chimney cap designed for the wood-burning insert. The gaps need to be fire caulked in order to be airtight and function without fail. The bottom of the liner is attached to the fireplace insert at the chimney flange. This is also fire caulked in order to seal the chimney. If you have any doubt about your ability to remove the old liner or install the new one, you should call a reputable contractor like Grand Rapids Roofers. This would also be a great time for them to inspect your home’s roof and exterior to ensure it is in tip-top shape.

    Converting From Gas to Wood

    If you have a gas-burning unit that you are converting to a wood-burning unit, you will need to replace the liner also. Gas burning units have an aluminum liner that will overheat and form holes in the liner wall because of the extreme heat. Failure to replace gas liners with wood burning liners could result in a serious fire hazard.

    Installing a wood burning chimney liner is a simple process. Just make sure that you follow all of the manufacturer recommendations and installation instructions and clean the chimney prior to installation. This will give you a problem free chimney for the life of the insert.

    Be Picky When Selecting Your Realtor

    Looking for a home to live in can be stressful. Nine times out of ten it is. If you are the kind of person to put it all upon yourself, on your shoulders to be your responsibility then you are in for a whirlwind. Sure, unless you are a realtor by profession then you are likely to be just fine and you will be able to handle and mange the flow of information and the processes that need to take place before settling on a place. It is not all up to you either, as you may not be qualified for whatever reason, the loan officer may not deem you trustworthy or responsible, something like that with money. You see, what you need is an experienced Arlington VA realtor Mike Pugh who knows how to get you the right place for you. Sure there may be more than one “shoe that fits” so to speak, but you want to find the home that fits you the best.

    On the other side of the spectrum, there are those trying to sell their current home so that they may move onto other bigger and better things. To everyone’s bigger and better things, it is all relative. If you think you are moving on up, there will always be someone right behind ya ready to move on up into what you just had. It might be the location that makes it moving on up. It may be the size of the home, or the amount of bedrooms. Whatever the case may be when you are moving on up, known that there is really always someone behind you or in front of you in the process. Just go through the process as best and as patiently as you can. Take your time and do not jump at the first thing that you see. Talk with the realtor before you go into contract with them to do business. Look up their references and have them show you their success rates in buying and selling homes. The proof is in the pudding on this one. The personality match up also matters. Find someone who is on the same page as you, who you get along with, and who you can see getting along with communication. Over the next few weeks or months you will be doing a lot of communicating and you want to be sure to see eye to eye on things from the get-go.

    Lights To Your Advantage

    Lighting. You might be surprised at how many places you end up needing lighting. A closet, above a table, outside, in a hallway, the number of places never ceases to go down. We are a bit spoiled here in the 21st century. We can afford to have lights in all kinds of places like this. Back in the olden days, the lights they had were only but a few watts and the electricity to power them was costly, relatively speaking. Not just anyone would have an electric light in their home. Candles were common as well as other oil lamps for years and years. Now, here we are with lights in all kinds of places. We even have flashlights to tote around with us so that we never have to be without.

    So what kind of lighting do you need around your home? Just live in the place for a little while and you will surely find out why it is the way it is. You will learn the quirks to it and what it missing and what has been over-done. You may find that alternative lighting would be best in your home or office. There are so many options these days, you can search by style or by area of the home you are going to be adding light to.

    There are lights in the kitchen, the bedroom, bathroom, dining room, entry way or foyer, hallway, office and library. There is outdoor lighting as well such as ground, accent, and more. Don’t forget about ceiling lighting, wall lighting, lamps, fans, and more. Lights go on so many things! Check out this great Scottsdale lighting store that has all of these types of lights to offer.

    Lighting is one of those things that as an accent it can really make an impact and set the stage. In other words it can dress up or dress down a setting. Sometimes all it takes is a little dressing up to fancy up a place and make it have that little something extra. When details like that are handled, it is sure to impress and give the curb appeal you are looking for. Maybe you are trying to sell, maybe you are trying to buy, and something like that is what draws your eye. Play into that advantage, play into what gives you an upper hand in the market. All it takes is that little something extra sometimes.

    The Direction Of Construction

    Oh construction. You love it or you may hate it. You may dislike it while it is going on, but really you may like it for the fact that it creates something new. You might just be trying to hurry up and get to the new part. You may not like the time it takes to create something new, or even to retrofit and older building so that it can have new life—no, you may just be wanting the end result to hurry on up and get there. Patience is a virtue. That is true. So whether you like construction or not, you are sure to like what construction produces. Again, there are some practices you may prefer and even applaud more than others while in the process of construction, but usually it needs to be done one way or another.

    Building with green materials is a great direction construction has taken. It is applicable to both residential and commercial construction as well. If you have any say in the construction that is relevant to you and your life, why not pursue a green one—also known as environmentally friendly construction? If you can afford it, have the resources, and know an Orange County construction contractor, you are sure to find what you are looking for.

    Whether it is commercial or residential, take the time to do your homework, read up on what is currently going on in the marketplace as far as construction. See what is good, what is local to your building project, and get in touch with a construction contractor. The contractor may very well be the single most important resource, or tool in your tool belt, that you may have. Especially if construction is not your forte or anything, you will need to hire this out. Go with someone who has experience, time, and a decent price tag. Do not always go for the lowest quote, the lowest bid. You might be compromising the quality of the work you are paying for. Then again, the estimate you initially get could be a low ball just to get you to take the bait. Be wise and use discernment. See if they really do keep it as a quote or if they lock in a price for the job to get done. Talk with others in your area and hear about their experiences from contractors they have used in the past.

    How to Access a Loftto Make the Most of the Space in Your Home

    There are several ways to access a loft according to Paul who owns You can open the space for building a room or storage by installing a pull-down staircase or set of steps built in the room below. Another option is to create a loft door with a hatch that you access by using a ladder to climb up into the loft. Some homeowners prefer to access a garage loft from the side of the home by cutting through exterior framework and building a door there. Every home is different, so the choice of how to access the loft depends on personal taste and architecture.



    Look at your home’s roof line to determine a good place for a loft access. The height of the loft will be taller in places where a roof peaks. Choose a space that is removed from living areas to cut an opening. Select a place in a hallway, garage roof area, laundry room or outside the house. You can build a stairway up to a loft door from the home’s exterior.

    Enlist the help of an expert carpenter to evaluate how the home’s rafters and wall framing is constructed. You will need to build support framing around any opening you cut. If there is no access at all to the loft, you will need to remove a section of drywall from a ceiling area or pull off outside masonry siding at the top of your house. You can climb an A-frame ladder and simply tap through the drywall in an interior room or garage area, but wear a mask to avoid breathing dust and falling insulation.

    Use a handsaw to cut one rafter to open a loft ceiling. Go into the loft area to measure the exact opening for the access. Drive long nails downward to show an outline of the opening on the ceiling of the room below the loft. Use a carpenter’s square to draw the exact outline. Use a screwdriver or putty knife to remove the drywall in the ceiling area. Ask an expert carpenter to cut all of the rafters with a round-blade electric saw. Build a framing box to fit the exact opening you’ve removed.

    Nail the framing box to the perimeter of the opening in sections. Use an electric screwdriver to secure the framing box even tighter. This framing is supporting the floor area you just cut away. You can build a hatch-type door for the loft access by using door framing to finish the bottom of the opening. Cut out a piece of plywood that will fit into the opening to seal off the loft. If you’ve planned to install stairs, build them from 2 x 12 lumbers to create the risers. Cut plywood to form treads for each step.

    Build an enclosed staircase to the loft if you have room to construct a stairwell. You will need to enclose the stairs with drywall or panelling of some type on the sides. Keep the draftiness of a loft at bay by installing an interior room door at the bottom of the stairs or at the top. You can move seasonal clothing, boxes and furniture into the loft more easily if the access has steps versus a pull-down ladder or hatch door.

    Instructions to Install a Folding Loft Ladder

    Paul Jacobs, who owns, says you can open a world of storage space by creating easy access to your loft. Loft storage is great for those things you use only occasionally or once a year, like holiday decorations. By installing folding loft steps, you can create an easy way to get to your loft that is safe and unobtrusive.

    1. Check the location for your ladder to make sure there is enough room to open the ladder to its full extent and that the loft area has enough head room for you to enter. Check to be sure there are no electrical or plumbing components that may be in your way. If you need to cut away a joist to install the ladder, contact a licensed contractor or structural engineer to make sure installing the ladder will not compromise the structural integrity of your roofing system. Usually you can fit the ladder between the joists.
    2. Check the direction of the joists in your location and plan so the opening is parallel to them.
    3. Drive two nails through the ceiling from the loft directly along one joist. This joist will be one of the longs sides of the frame for the opening.
    4. Align the template that came with the ladder with the nails from the ceiling below. Trace the template onto the ceiling. If you didn’t get a template, measure for the opening and use a framing square to outline for the cut out.
    5. Cut out the opening in the drywall in the ceiling using a utility knife or hand saw.
    6. Cut two pieces of lumber that will fit between the joists for the headers of the opening. Use the same size boards as your ceiling joists. They can be anything from 2- by 4-inch to 2- by 10-inch boards. Place the boards between the joists and screw in three 3-inch screws from the outside of the joists into the edges of the headers.
    7. Using the measurement of the short ends of the opening, cut two 1- by 4-inch boards 2 inches larger. Nail the boards to the short ends of the opening (into the headers) on the ceiling side, protruding 3/4 inch into the opening. This will be your support for the ladder while you are installing it.
    8. Hand the ladder unit to someone in the loft and have him place it on the temporary supports. Be careful to keep the hinged side of the ladder on the correct end and fasten it to the framing according to the manufacturer’s directions.
    9. Remove the supports on the ceiling and support the unit by holding it in place. Carefully open the door, but do not extend the ladder.
    10. Have the person in the loft square the unit while you support it from below. Then have your helper finish fastening the unit according to the manufacturer’s directions. Once fully attached, trim the shims.
    11. Fully extend the ladder and trim the legs so it fits tight against the floor. The hinges should not have any gaps when the ladder is extended.
    12. Place trim around the opening and paint or stain trim and door.
    13. Each manufacturer will have its own way of fastening the ladder. Deviation from the directions may void your warranty.
    14. Because there is heavy lifting involved, if you have any physical problems, you may want to hire someone to install the ladder for you.

    Why Should You Hire A Professional Home Improvement Company?

    win29It is a human psyche that we cannot see something for a long period of time. We always want to make changes in our home just to add a refreshing feel that gives new energy to the inhabitants. So, if you are also thinking of improving the interior of your home, Total Home Windows and Doors can be the best choice because they have been working as a reputed home improvement company since a long time and have impressive feedbacks to attract more potential clientele.

    Yes, replacing old windows and doors with new ones can change the entire look of your home no matter what is its size. To make the project efficient and highly appreciated, you need to find out the best home improvement companies in your area so as to know what are the things that distinguish them from one another. Local home improvement firms start with examining your windows and doors so that they have knowledge about their size, shape, dimensions and material needed. This way, the outcome will be amazing and everything will turn out to be as affected as you have thought.

    One of the best ways to start working on your project is to visit different home improvement companies and find out how they are working on other projects with same requirements as yours. Their representatives will also give free quotes based on your description. They will also pay a visit to your home in order to take measurement and calculate the amount of work needed. This will also help them in setting a price for the whole project.

    Another aspect to consider is, whether your hired company can complete the work in the desired manner or not. For instance, if you are looking for a vinyl patio door for bathroom, garage and kitchen or bay window for the porch, always check if they specialize in the area and are willing to give quality results.

    Last but not the least, home improvement companies must offer reliable services with quality products and free installation so that you can have many options to choose from. The best part about these home improvement companies is that you will get competitive prices for a project, meaning that every company will try to stand out with a lower quote, without compromising over the quality.

    Reading this article means that you have already accessed the website of Total Home Windows and Doors, which shows that you are going on the right track and their experts will be producing the results in the way you want.