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  • A Patio Sanctuary

    How to Create A Patio Sanctuary

    Beyond the Traditional Patio

    For a number of folks, the patio or deck is the place to store the Weber gas grill and some plastic chairs. However, with the price of gas, other travel and expenses, there is a case to be made for maxing out all of one’s living space and kicking back at home. These days even grills come in designer colors to help brighten and add color to a patio living area upgrade. Check out this beautiful example of the Weber Genesis E-320 Propane Gas Grill with colored accent panels on the cabinet doors, sides and the hood.

    How About an Outdoor Kitchen?

    Expanding your quality living space out-of-doors can cover any number of options and opportunities. One great way to add a totally new dimension to the entertainment potential of your patio area, is to add an outdoor kitchen. A fellow Hubber has a great page covering this at Put a Weber Genesis E-320 Natural Gas Grill in Your Patio Kitchen. Check out the video on this Hub of what one family had done to their patio, we’re talking kitchen, dining area and bar. WOW!

    Make Your Patio Living Space Your Own

    As the days warm up when spring moves to summer, being outdoors is on everybody’s mind. Once you have an outdoor kitchen, your family will want to spend a lot more time outside. But why not personalize the space some more? If you have a lot of tools or gardening equipment, consider adding a workshop, barn, or shed to your yard. Growing in popularity are custom steel buildings that can be designed to fit your needs. Whether they are for storing your farm equipment, car collection, or as a get away from the rest of the home (hint: man cave!), building a steel structure as an escape has many possibilities. Check out some of the armstrong steel reviews to see what others have to say about their custom built additions.

    Hang some colorful metal sculpture on the back of the house or fence. Get a fountain or build a koi pond. What you can do to personalize your outdoor space is only limited by your imagination or maybe your pocketbook. Think about it, if your neighbors don’t live too close, there is always the sound system to consider!

    One thing that greatly enhances the potential of your outdoor living and entertainment area on your patio, is lighting in evening and shade from the sun during the day. A super addition to your patio sanctuary is the patio umbrella to provide protection from the sun’s harmful rays and cooling shade. Another enhancement is some soft lighting to allow this wonderful space to be part of your home after dark.

    Just Shade

    If your patio living area already has a lighting system and all you need is an umbrella for shade and sun protection, a classic teak wood umbrella just can’t be beat. The Galtech 11ft Classic Teak Wood Umbrella has all of the features needed to provide full coverage for your entertainment space, plus the classic beauty and durablity of teak wood.