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    Bedroom Paint Colour Ideas that Create a Relaxing Mood

    Bedroom paint colours can create a haven that is relaxing and soothing. Think about it; the bedroom is supposed to be the place in the world where you can shut out all of the rest of the business and noise of life. With these bedroom paint colour ideas, you can easily do just that.

    Blue bedroom paint colours

    Bedroom paint colour ideas that have a blue tone to them are instantly soothing. Now, many people think of “congrats, it’s a boy-blue” when they think of this bedroom paint colour idea, but there are actually much more calm and mature options to choose from. Carouse the paint section at your local home improvement store and give this bedroom paint colour a little more than a passing thought. Shades of this bedroom paint colour that have undertones of green and grey are most likely to be the most relaxing.

    Natural bedroom paint colours

    Natural bedroom paint colours are very hard to “go wrong” with. They are easy paint colour ideas to coordinate, even for very inexperienced interior decorators. Natural bedroom paint colour ideas tend to be those you literally find in nature. Examples are browns, tans, and shades of green and blue. These paint colours for the bedroom are ones that tend to be easily agreed upon by couples because they are very gender neutral, making both your bedroom and the overall painting process more relaxing!

    Neutral bedroom paint colours

    Neutral bedroom paint ideas are also a hard bedroom paint to go wrong with. Neutral paint colours are softer in intensity than most other paints and they do not tend to overwhelm the senses, making for a generally relaxing atmosphere. Neutral bedroom paint colours are typically variations of white, tan, and grey, but you can actually find relaxing neutrals in nearly every colour of the rainbow.

    Shades of Green for bedroom paint colours

    Light or greyed out versions of green paint can make for an excellent combination of both natural and neutral bedroom paint colour schemes. Look for a colour that is not too bright- a little green can go a long way, and if it is too loud of a colour, you will likely not create a room that is very relaxing.

    Whatever bedroom paint colours you choose, always remember to try a paint sample on a small part of the room before you commit to any particular shade!

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