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    CA to TX

    Living in California? Need I say more? Between the drought and the politics, the laws and the rules and regulations on small businesses, it is pretty demanding to live in the state. It is outright expensive! Sure the land is nice, the weather, but sometimes enough is enough. There have been waves of people moving out of California for the past 10 years. Some of the laws are just too much to handle and people are ready for a change of pace, literally a change of space. Texas has been a popular place that many Californians have moved to. Texas is large, has very different state laws, and there is plenty of room for everyone. If you are thinking of moving out of state, consider Texas on your list. Think about your preferred way of life. Think about what career field you’d like to be a part of. Maybe you are a small business owner and you want to get out from the suppressing laws that are out there. Maybe you are a gun owner and you like Texas laws better than the laws about guns in California or your state of origin. Consider all of the factors that you can. Take into account your lifestyle, your family’s lifestyle, and where you want to be five or ten years from now. Think on it!

    So now that you have decided to move to Texas, think on where you’d like to live. If you want back roads and country type of living, that is there. If you like to be in the city and like to be close to places that is very much an option as well. There are custom home builders in Austin Texas that are eager and ready to build your dream home. Austin is a lovely city that lives by the phrasing, “Keep Austin Weird.” This is not to deter folks, but to say that Austin is unique, it is a place for everyone– kind of like saying how everyone will fit in.

    Texas is a place where yes, everything is bigger. The rumors are true. The land is large, the sky is wide, and the food is big and delicious too. Have you heard of What-A-Burger? You will order your burger at the fast food restaurant and say to yourself what a burger! It is large, let’s say that! Visiting Texas is the start to something beautiful. Check it out if you have not already in your lifetime.