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    Chateau Brittany

    This year we had our first family holiday and France. We wanted to go to some warm place and not too arduous for a baby. Our main plan was to visit Paris, but then we decided to travel to Brittany. Our plan was to explore nature, region and enjoy in warm weather. We did not wanted to book hotel but instead a small and charming chateau Brittany – Chateau Du Grand Val.

    We would spend a typical day swimming, having afternoon tea or dinner in one of the beautiful gardens. For more adventurous families there are sand surfing or golf courses. We realize how god idea it was to rent a chateau instead of a hotel. It was calm, intimate and we were all by ourselves.


    Chateau du Grand Val dates back to 15th century and we were impressed by its furnishing from 18th century. Rooms, Library and most of the bedrooms are preserved dating all the way back to the 18th century.

    We stayed there for a week and then decided to continue our adventure towards south eastern France, Provence. The lavender fields, the olive trees or dry rocky coast are just some of the features specifically related to this region. You can really see it somewhere else in the world.

    Our advice to you is to avoid big cities and instead explore small, local villages and learn more about their history.