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    How to Clean Resin Bonded Driveways

    Once your new resin bonded driveway has been installed, you will want to keep it looking tidy and clean. Maintaining such a driveway should not be a challenge as long as you know how to go about it. The following are cleaning and maintenance tips recommended by websites such as, that you can use to ensure your resin bonded driveway maintains a new look.

    Loose stone removal
    Sweeping within seven days of surface installation is mandatory for bonded system surfaces if excess stone is to be removed. It can be done by hand or by use of a mechanical sweeper designed for resin bonded driveways. After one to three months, a further mechanical sweep should be carried out to all pedestrian and vehicular areas.

    Moss and algae removalĀ 
    One of the best ways to remove moss and algae is by using a moss removal product. Alternatively, any household bleach (as long as it is diluted) is great for removing moss within the surface. If you opt for the bleach option, you should avoid any prolonged contact with the aggregate as this can potentially cause discolouration of the stone. Once you have finished the moss and/or algae removal process make sure you thoroughly wash the surface with clean water.

    Removing chewing gum and cement stain
    Chewing gum can be removed by chipping, scraping or using proprietary removal solutions. The other option would be contacting a specialist cleaning company in your area. As for cement stains, hydrochloride acid can be used to remove the stain. Take note that it is prudent to test a small area first to ensure no discolouration or damage will occur to the aggregate. Be sure to remember to be careful when you are using hydrochloric acid.

    Removal of oil stains
    A degreasing product or a normal household detergent is very effective in removing oil from a resin bonded surface. Apply the product of your choice to the affected area and scrub with a brush. Leave the area to sit for quarter of an hour and then rinse thoroughly with clean water.

    What to do to repair the drive
    The good thing about a resin bonded driveway is that it can be repaired using the same combination of aggregate and resin used during installation. To avoid further damage, repairs should be carried out immediately you notice a damaged area.

    Using the surface
    Resin bonded and bound driveways are designed to be used by light domestic vehicle traffic and pedestrian/foot traffic. It is therefore wise to avoid high impact loading such as dragging heavy loads across the surface, pneumatic supports on skip lorries, skips and scaffolding on such surfaces. The surface should also be protected from materials which may damage or stain it.