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    How large a skip will I need for my home renovations?

    When you have a large or small renovation or construction project, a lot of debris can build up. Sometimes getting rid of that debris can be quite a challenge, but in an environmentally conscious society getting rid of waste in a responsible manner is becoming more important. Skips are one of the easiest ways to store your rubble and debris. How large a skip you need will depend on the size of your project and how much waste you may end up with. On this note, it would be wise to ensure that you make maximum use of your available materials. Some materials make it to the dump without ever being used in the project.

    Skip Hire Enfield offer skips in a variety of sizes so you need to be aware of the size of your project to get the right skip. The convenient thing about skips is that they can be delivered and picked up at the site. The smallest skip available is 2 cubic yards. They have a holding capacity of around 30 black garbage bags. The next available size is 4 cubic yards. They can hold up to around 35 black bin bags. The next largest size is 6 cubic yards with a capacity of up to 55 black bags. Sizes go all the way up to 16 cubic yards holding 150 bin bags, so you have a lot of options here.

    If your project is too small for a regular skip, a skip bag is a pretty good alternative. If you simply want to get rid of furniture or some carpet, then this is a more practical choice. Skip bags are much easier to access and can be bought online or at a local hardware store. The downside is that skip bags have much more limited holding capacity. The biggest is only around 4.5 cubic yards capable of holding around 1.5 tonnes or 40 wheel barrows of debris.

    In order to minimize the size or number of skips you may require, recycle materials that can be recycled. Also, avoid filling the skips with hazardous materials as these need to be handled separately. It might be better to get a skip that is slightly larger than you think you need so that you are less likely to find yourself needing to buy a second skip. Also, be as efficient as possible in the renovation process so that you do not have to too much waste to handle.