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    10 bad habits for home security

    Through ignorance, forgetfulness or a false sense of security, people frequently fall into bad habits concerning home security. Here are the top 10 bad habits to avoid!

    1. Having an alarm system and not using it
    Many people have a perfectly functioning alarm system and never use it. This is an exceptionally bad policy, with implications on your home insurance, and leaving you vulnerable to a break in. Always use your alarm, including when you’re at home (e.g. at night). Most modern systems can be programmed to different settings for home and away and it’s wise to use these.

    2. Leaving doors and windows open and/or unlocked
    If you make it easy for burglars to enter your home through unlocked doors and windows, the chances are they will! It’s an easy mistake to make but don’t fall into this trap. Always lock doors and secure windows with catches and locks, even when you’re at home.

    3. Giving away information
    Keep your plans and routines secret from all but your most trusted friends and family. It’s amazing how much information’s picked up on social media about empty properties, which are then targeted by burglars.

    4. Providing easy access for intruders
    Don’t leave anything outside or near your property that could be used as access equipment or an aid to breaking and entering. Intruders will make use of ladders and heavy objects to force their way in, so tuck everything out of sight and out of reach, for example in a locked garage or shed.

    5. Providing camouflage
    Burglars are attracted to dark, secluded properties where they can’t be seen, so keep hedges and bushes low and trimmed so your property’s on view from the road and by your neighbours.

    6. Leaving the garage open
    This may seem trivial, especially if you don’t keep much in your garage, but it’s amazing what a thief will take. Worse still, some homes have access through the garage and this gives burglars a private and easy way in.

    7. Not having security lighting
    Outdoor lighting’s a good deterrent to would-be intruders, especially motion sensor lights. Don’t overlook getting these installed outside your home to deter criminals from snooping around and worse.

    8. Overflowing mail
    If mail can be seen behind your door or your mailbox is overflowing, it’s a sure signal you’re not home, which is great news for intruders. If you’re going away for a period of time, make enquiries with the post office to stop your post and cancel newspaper deliveries etc.

    9. Hidden keys
    The old trick of hiding keys under the mat or under a plant pot is exploited by criminals, giving them an open invitation to burgle your home. In the event that you’re locked out, it’s better to call a locksmith, like Tonys Locksmiths Cardiff to help out rather than run the risk of being robbed by leaving a key.

    10. Being blasé about burglary
    Don’t fall into the trap that you’re exempt from crime because you live in a nice neighbourhood or because it couldn’t happen to you. Anyone’s a potential target, so make use of modern security features to protect yourself, your family and your home.