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    So I’m so thankful at the moment that finally I’ve gotten everything I needed accomplished in regards to my move finished. However, I’d like to go back a few steps and start with where it was so frustrating and hard to deal with originally. I was moving to the seven-island home in the middle of our pacific that most people from the states refer to as ” Hawaii”. As it turns out, and I didn’t actually figure this out at first either, it wasn’t until I arrived, that Hawaii is literally only one of the islands, the biggest island, the one locals call ” Big Island”. Anyhow, I needed to move for work and that’s where my struggle began.

    I was moving to Maui, and at first – finding a place that suited my wife and her liking was extremely difficult. I called several people when I finally decided and my wife decided, if we were going to settle in to a place that would fit, we would need to actually have designed it ourselves. Next was finding someone to contract and build it. It was literally the worst experience, hiring companies and contractors just for them to be false, to take money they did not deserve, to make promises they could not keep. So it was then I mounted a phone call to Kauai building contractors. They saved my struggle. They were so professional and completely helped in every way to get what me and my wife now know as our dream home- done and complete for half the price most other contractors or so called, were referencing or quoting us. This my thank you to them for all their help and dedication to making our home perfect and fitting to our specific liking. Thank you Kauai building contractors for all your help and professionalism! I will recommend time and time again to any friend/family member who may need help finding a decent contractor here in the islands! Also, and one last thing. I don’t want to forget, in fact to be honest I’d like to stress their ability to make me and my wife at ease about every step of their process. Finding the funding, and worrying about the payment is one thing – but the anxiety of making sure everything was going accordingly in a way that only could refer to who was actually building our house, that anxiety is a stress that only a certain and overly professional contractor can remove from your worry. Thank you again Kauai Island Contractors for making our new home a home we feel safe in.