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    I used Tony’s Locksmith in Cardiff and they were great

    I had an incident last night that involved a broken door lock, an angle grinder, a locksmith and a blocked toilet. The police have taken their statements but here is my side of the story.

    With burglaries that happen every 37 seconds in the UK, let me start off by saying that I am paranoid. This house is a testimony to it, it could give HMP Berwyn a run for its money and it didn’t even cost £212m. Don’t believe me?

    First Line of Defence

    Well, I don’t believe in high walls, nobody can see if robbers are loading up their van with your valuables. We have a three brick-high wall with pillars which support the palisade fencing. On both sides of the wall I have planted rose bushes and shrubs with plenty of thorns to let burglars think twice before climbing over the wall.

    Barricaded to the Hilt

    Needless to say I have burglar bars on the windows and burglar-proof security gates. One of the best investments we have made was to install a spotlight. If there is any movement in the garden, the sensor picks it up, the light goes on and an alarm is set off. The only problem is it was so sensitive that it was picking up absolutely everything happening. We put it to a lower setting and it works perfectly now.

    Even our outside doors were reinforced with a steel casing and reinforced hinges. Besides the usual door lock, a deadbolt that goes into the wall and a floor-mounted police lock, we have a mag lock. Yeah, we’re a tad bit obsessed.

    Back to the story…

    Why the Police Came

    There I was, sitting on the toilet and minding my own business. I’ll never know why I locked that toilet door, seeing as no one was even home. I got up and flushed, and my business didn’t go down. So I flushed again, and again. Then it started flooding. Wanting to get out before my feet got wet, I unlocked the door and pushed. Nothing. The door was stuck. I tried again and again. My husband was out of town that night and I knew that screaming was useless. I had to call the locksmith and I had to do it now.

    I quickly looked up a local locksmith on my phone and found Tony’s Locksmith Review. I called him up and I explained my situation and that there is virtually no way to get into my house. Even though it was nearly midnight, Tony arrived with an angle grinder and a smile.

    It wasn’t the best solution but he cut the burglar bars in the bathroom window. The police also decided to drop by to demand an explanation, but I managed to convince them of my dilemma.

    Tony climbed through the window and discovered that the thumb turn had come off and the barrel fell out the other side. This poses no problem for a man as experienced as Tony is, and quick as a jiffy he installed a new lock without breaking a sweat. He also told me about some new anti-snap and anti-drill locks I’d be interested in.

    Any other locksmith would not have gone the extra mile to scale wall, thorn bushes, two dogs and burglar bars to get to a crazy lady in a blocked toilet, but Tony did. And that’s what service is all about. Now I just need to find a plumber…