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    Maintenance Free Garden Surface Materials

    A deck is a useful addition to any home and more than pays for itself if the choice is right. Installing a deck out front, at the back, or even outside a balcony will provide your home with a practical garden surface that has many uses. You can have one as a rest area around a pool or in the garden for a lounge and play space. Whatever the reason for getting a deck, cost is always a concern for a majority of people. Besides the initial cost of installation, most homeowners fear the maintenance expenses of decking. If you are going to keep a timber deck in good condition, it will require care.

    You may need to get special cleaning products and tools or hire a professional at least twice a year for a once over. In most cases, people can’t find the spare time for deck maintenance; and so, they end up letting them go. However, decking options are now available in very many options, and some have low maintenance needs. Decking material manufacturers incorporate different technology to provide decks that are durable as well as easy to take care of. If you are considering a new deck or replacing an old one, take the time to look at some different materials that reduce the overall costs of maintenance.

    Types of Deck Materials:


    Once a more expensive luxury, composite decking prices have become more competitive with their increased popularity over recent years. The reason composite decking has become popular is that it gives you that wooden appeal and aesthetics without the heavy burden of specialised care. Composite consists of recycled plastic and a component of wood fibres. This combination results in a material that is resistant to scratching, harsh weather, and stains. It only requires thorough cleaning every few years to prevent the wood content from hosting mould. Composite decking material offers a wide variety of design and colour options just good as wood.


    For a long time, wood decking was the only option that homeowners had. This decking material offers superior aesthetics and quality. However, it calls for persistent maintenance, and you have to use unique products to keep the lustre. Nowadays you can choose from vinyl (plastic), composite, pressure-treated wood, tropical hardwoods, or aluminium. Pressure-treated lumber is chemically engineered to resist bug infestation, rotting, and mould build up. However, it is still necessary to do refinishing and staining. Tropical hardwoods such as ipe, jatoba, and tigerwood are the closest wooden decks come to being low maintenance. These species are naturally resistant to bugs and rot but still need sealing to maintain appearance. They are also quite expensive because they are imported. Plastic and composite are the two best solutions when looking for a garden surface with very little maintenance needs and costs.


    One of the options that you can go with is plastic. There are excellent plastic decking products on the market that give incredible yearly savings. For one, plastic decking does not contain wood filler or fibres. It means you do away with the maintenance needs of wood like rotting problems. Another benefit is that plastic doesn’t have issues of splintering, cracking, or warping. You won’t have to stain a plastic decking or apply finishing. A vinyl deck can withstand harsh weather without losing its integrity. Just cleaning the deck with soap and water is enough to keep it attractive. Plastic decking requires very precise installation and should, therefore, be handled by a professional. Manufacturers use recycled plastic for decking material meaning that it is sustainable and friendly to the environment.