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    What can and can’t you put in a hired skip

    Skips are being used in the country since long; their utility has just increased manifolds. From regular households to construction sites, Skips are mess-free, easy to handle and easy on the pocket. There are many types of Skips in the market today, different yard sizes they come in and you can even opt for customizing a Skip based on your specific needs.

    Skips can be touted as the modern dumpsters or waste bins that are easy in their approach. You can use them to get rid of a plethora of waste materials. Whether you are renovating your home or a part of it and require to dump the building material, or a real estate firm with a large construction site and have tonnes of waste to get rid of or just a normal household with household waste, you need to know about the do’s and don’ts’s of the Skip; a major part of which is, questioning what to put in a hired skip and what not to put in it.

    What can you put in a hired Skip

    You sure can throw Refrigerator and freezers in the Skip, however, they should have been de-gassed, with the doors removed. You can put almost anything in the Skip except some hazardous materials that are banned by the law and might cost you a fine if you do.

    What you cannot put in a hired Skip

    Electrical Equipment

    The law bans putting electrical appliances and equipment like dishwashers, televisions, Computers, waste electrical and anything that might use gas or gas cylinders in them.


    Asbestos is a very harmful agent that if exposed to air and inhaled by humans, can be deadly. Reusing or recycling asbestos is illegal in the country and its proper disposal is encouraged.


    Batteries are another popular product that people put in Skip but are an unlawful practice. Batteries contain certain chemicals that are harmful to human and need to be treated separately. Lead batteries, if thrown in with general waste can cause lead poisoning in the landfill, ergo in the water table.

    Paints, fuels, and solvents

    Using the same theory, if paints, fuels, and solvents (that are rich in thousands of chemicals) are thrown in general waste and land at the general landfill, water table poisoning is easy to happen which can cause an epidemic.

    Tyres and rubber products

    Tyres, rubber, and even plastics is made up or rubber/plastic polymers and take hundreds of years to decompose. Throwing them in Skips with general waste is against the law.

    Medical waste

    Medical waste such as soiled blankets, cotton or any other textile, human waste or syringes reloaded with germs, infection inducing bacteria and viruses that can leash epidemic any second if they are mixed with general waste.

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