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    Smarter Not Harder

    When you live in a home that rises up to meet you, that is something to cherish and hold tight to. Do not easily or readily move away from that home. If you home is equipped, efficient, and on top of that you like it then yes, absolutely keep it! When you find a keeper or you turn the home you have into a keeper, keep it! Simply out: keep it.

    Here are some way to make you house a home, a home that you will love and cherish for days to come.

    1) Vacuum Cleaning Win. Set up a vacuum cleaner that is efficient and does not take up so much space. Have you seen those whole house vacuum clears that have a whole-house network system and all you have to do is hook it up to the wall outlet and there is a catch all bin in the garage or mud room? This really is a thing, and more and more homes are having it. If you home is large, this is especially good to have. You will be more efficient in cleaning, there will be less clutter and hassle with a traditional vacuum cleaner, and you will be all smiles.

    2) Laundry Win. Another household chore that simply has to be done is laundry. If you live on a multi-level home this can make things tricky or unpleasant if you don’t have help. This means hauling laundry up and down the stairs. Why not consider convenient dumbwaiter lifts? This way you can easily transport laundry (and other things) up and down and down and up all day long as needed. It is not like installing an elevator, but like installing an extra set of hands to help get your things between levels.

    3) Energy Win. This last one might seem more simple, or obvious, but a way to make your home more efficient, and to keep costs down you can have solar panels installed. This makes for a great way to do good by the environment, keep your costs down (or earning you a credit on your electric bill), and you are by default saving electricity. You might just be enjoying your house more so now that it is saving you some money. When something like this in turn works for you, it is a great, great feeling.

    Think over these recommendations for ways to improve your home, so that it can better meet your expectations and desires. Make it work for you, and smarter not harder.